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“In my case, WT handles my bidding for a GC, YUM A&E coordination, architectural plans, site development & plans, environmental testing, meeting with city, county and state permitting departments, meeting with planning and zoning commissions and boards, and conclude with on-site construction visits to ensure an on-time, on-budget project.  WT Development also offers ad-hoc small project coordination like adding a drive-thru window or increasing signage on an existing building.  No matter how big or small your project may be I can highly recommend that you consider WT Development for your next project.”

Rodney W. Walker
Bell's & Birds, Inc.

Since 1979, the City has recognized the efforts of property owners who have made substantial improvements to the exterior of their property.", "I am pleased to inform you that the new Taco Bell, located at 1143 S. Mission has been selected to receive this award for commercial improvements completed in 2009-2010.

Jeffrey M. Gray
Director of Planning and Community Development
City of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

“...Shamrock and WT Development have teamed to address two major Taco Bell scrape and rebuild projects and one major KFC image upgrade.  From these experiences, I would list WT Developments' strengths to include site layout and design along with their abilities and persistence to navigate plans through the various levels of municipal and YUM Brand approvals.  I have found their fees for service to be reasonable and competitive.  I would be comfortable in recommending WT Development for any of your YUM Brand site development needs.”

Richard L. Rediehs, CFO
Shamrock Companies
Hinsdale, Illinois

"The Glen Ellyn Architectural Review Commission has selected Taco Bell/KFC as the winner of the Architectural Review Commission Traveling Trophy Award...completed between July 2009 and July 2010", "The award acknowledges excellence in architecture that achieves the aesthetic objectives of the Village of Glen Ellyn and is intended to recognize and congratulate the property owner, builders, and architects..."

Staci Hulseburg
Planning and Development Director
City of Glen Ellyn, Illinois

 “Without a City Manager in place and with a construction project about to begin, WT Development became the lifeline for information and guidance for the City.”

Peggy S. Burtch,
City Clerk,
Standish, Michigan


We have been serving multi-unit restaurant and retail developers and franchisors since 1984, and we started polishing our skills long before that. As the endorsements to the left can attest, we are dedicated to client satisfaction. We understand that means an uncompromising work ethic, and being trusted with the most important and confidential project details.

Unlike most architectural firms, WT Development often provides consulting services for all phases of a project. We become familiar with all the project’s planning and implementation processes, and we respect project deadlines and budgetary targets. Our specialized focus enables us to anticipate and identify potential problems and to offer sound recommendations designed to keep projects moving forward.

WT Development is devoted to thorough project planning, effective execution and timely follow-through. This applies whether we play a small role in your project, or provide a full range of turnkey project management, architectural or engineering services. We know only one way to approach a project: as if we at WT Development were a partner and principal stakeholder in the project ourselves.

Urgent Response Service

Have you suffered through projects tangled in problems and riddled with crises? Of course you have. Everybody has. We can make your life much easier with WT Development’s Urgent Response Service. It’s a team of expert specialists who deliver effective and timely project trouble-shooting skills and problem solving solutions. For more on this service and how we can assist you in rescuing a problem-ridden project, click on the link titled “Project Types .”


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